Annarosa's Bakery



Our shop

When Jane and I arrive each morning the warmth and aroma of the bakery are comforting. And then we are off and running! 

When the doors open it is the melting pot of people that come from many backgrounds, ages, and distances both local and afar that define our shop. On any given Saturday morning you can sometimes hear many different languages being spoken. Bread is so rich in history and so fundamental to life for thousands of years. It draws us together on a common ground. The energy is good and real. 

Jane and I do our best to reach out to everyone as we cherish the relationships that have evolved over our 17 year history. We have seen children grow and go off to college. We have met people from all over the world. We have lost some dear friends that we would see in the bakery every day and they would bring so much great spirit.  And we look forward to new friends and people that come to our shop and enjoy what we truly put our heart, soul and back into. 

Great cooking favors the prepared hands.
— Jacques Pepin